Defends X Games Street Championship Title, Wins 6th Career X Games Street Gold Medal

AUSTIN, Texas – June 7, 2015 – Monster Energy congratulates Nyjah Huston on his dominant Gold medal finish in Monster Energy’s Skateboard Street at X Games Austin 2015. In front of the high-energy crowd at Circuit of The Americas (COTA) in Austin, the 20-year-old from San Juan Capistrano, California bagged his 6th career X Games Street Gold medal, defending last year’s X Games Street championship title.

In the heated finals session, six of the world’s best street skateboarders took their individual approaches to the California RampWorks-designed concrete course peppered with ledges, banks, and rails, lined by large quarterpipes for big airs and transfers, and a dramatic roof gap with 10-foot drop into a bank. Once the finals kicked off, Huston established his lead straight out the gate on his first run, covering the entire course with an incredible amount of technical tricks packed into a flawless 60-second routine, including Cab backside lipslide to fakie on the bump to rail, and overcrook from flat across the entire flat bar, leading the competition by over 10 points with a 93.0 point score.



Huston’s winning run further upped difficulty levels with a huge kickflip off the roof gap into the bank, followed by frontside 5-0 across the quarter pipe channel, 360 kickflip over the bump, nollie backside overcrook on the bump-to-rail, gap-out kickflip backside lipslide down the rail, overturned frontside 180 to switch crooked up the gap ledge, switch frontside bluntslide down the big rail, Cab backside smithgrind to revert on the bump to rail and gap-out kickflip to frontside boardslide onto the rail for a perfect 94.00 point score, 11 points ahead of the next competitor Upon winning Gold, Huston said, “I think I set myself apart by trying to fit as many tricks as possible into my run. And jumping off the roof probably got me some good points. I’m stoked I managed to lock in those first two runs and not put so much pressure on myself in the end.”

Prior to today’s final, the defending X Games Street champion qualified in 3rd place, nailing tricks in the prelims like switch frontside Smith grind down the big rail, backside bigspin up the Euro gap, and nollie crooked over the bump-to-rail in near-perfect runs that foreshadowed what Huston had in store for the finals. Huston made his X Games debut in 2006 at age 11, the youngest athlete in X Games history at the time. This year’s X Games victory comes on the heels of winning the 2015 Street League Skateboarding Barcelona Pro Open, as he prepares to defend his unbroken 2014 Street League Skateboarding World Tour winning streak and 2014 Super Crown Championship victory.


Having won more prize money in skateboarding competitions than any other rider in history – over $2 million in Street League competitions alone – Huston now adds this 10th career X Games medal, bringing the count to seven Gold medals (one of them being for the X Games Real Street Video), two Silver medals, and one Bronze.

Closely missing the finals by one place despite a strong showing in the prelims, Monster Energy’s Curren Caples covered the entire street course with big stylish airs like huge backside cross bones and tweaked lien airs, combined with difficult tech-moves like backside noseblunt slide on the bump-to-rail, gap-out to backside smith on the bump rail, and frontside noseblunt slide down the big rail.

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